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Our vision

To be a world class provider of quality healthcare for all.

Our values

We have five core values:

  • Passion for people
  • Qe – quality to the power of e
  • Performance pride
  • Personal care
  • Lifetime partnerships

Our culture

Life Healthcare is a black economic empowered (BEE) company, and one of the largest of its kind in the country. At Life Healthcare we subscribe to our core values. We believe that the provision of world class healthcare is achieved by working closely with our medical professionals in delivering unparalleled quality and clinical excellence, and by caring for the personal needs of our patients and their families.

Our brand

Life Healthcare offers world class facilities, expertise and a unique focus on HEALTH and CARE, which gives more meaning to LIFE. Our name, Life Healthcare, embodies our beliefs.
We are dedicated to:

  • LIFE – well-being and quality of life
  • HEALTH – clinical excellence in world class facilities
  • CARE – quality service, respect and empathy for those entrusted to our care

Our purpose

Making life better.

Our operations

Life Healthcare is a leading private hospital operator in South Africa and primarily serves the market for privately insured individuals, representing approximately eight million people. Our group provides mainly acute care, high technology private hospital services. Our diversified healthcare business is organised into two divisions:

Hospital division

Our hospital division provides services primarily to the private medically insured market and includes our core acute care hospital business, comprising general hospital facilities of various sizes that include intensive care units (ICUs), high care units (HCUs), operating theatres, emergency units, maternity units and cardiac units, as well as other specialised facilities that provide either inpatient or outpatient services in the areas of acute rehabilitation, chronic renal dialysis, mental healthcare services and radiation and chemotherapy oncology.

Healthcare services division

Our healthcare services includes the provision of acute and long term chronic hospitalisation services to state patients through Life Esidimeni, as well as the provision of primary and occupational healthcare services to employer groups in commerce, industry, parastatels, mining and correctional services, through Life Occupational Health.

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Our hospital division

Life hospitals (7 665 beds)

Life Healthcare’s hospital division currently owns and operates 56 acute care facilities, with a comprehensive geographic spread in seven South African provinces and Botswana, and also has a shareholding in an additional seven hospitals. Complementary to our group is a support base of over 2 700 doctors and specialists. Our hospitals provide treatment of patients for elective care and emergency care and generally provide treatment on an inpatient basis only.

In conjunction with our supporting medical professionals, our hospitals offer access to:

Hospitals 56
   Total 7 665
   ICU 664
   HCU 316
Operating theatre units 308
Cardiac units 12
Maternity units 35
Fertility clinics 7
Rehabilitation units
   Facilities 6
   Beds 229
Renal dialysis units
   Facilities 4
   Stations 40
Mental health units
   Facilities 6
   Beds 172
Emergency units 40
Life Esidimeni
   Hospitals 12
   Beds 4 171
Life Occupational Health
   Clinics 289
   Employees covered 155 000

Our hospitals division also includes specialised rehabilitation, renal dialysis and mental healthcare facilities:

Life Rehabilitation (six adult units, two paediatric units)

Life Rehabilitation is the leading provider of private acute rehabilitation services in the country, operating 229 beds – almost 50% of all private acute rehabilitation beds in South Africa. Our units offer acute outcome driven physical and cognitive rehabilitation for patients disabled by stroke, brain or spinal trauma and other disabling conditions or injuries.

Life Rehabilitation operates six dedicated adult units, spread throughout four provinces. In addition two dedicated paediatric units are based at Life Rehabilitation units in KwaZulu-Natal and Johannesburg, respectively.

Mental health units

Mental healthcare is a niche line of business for our group and this specialised care is provided at six mental healthcare treatment facilities, based in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal and comprising 172 dedicated beds. These units are either stand-alone facilities or located within our acute care hospitals, and provide either inpatient or outpatient services.

Renal units

We provide acute and chronic renal dialysis services through our network of four facilities situated in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng, and offering 40 dialysis stations. A fifth facility is opening at Life Mercantile Hospital in Port Elizabeth on 1 January 2011.

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Our healthcare services division

Life Healthcare’s state of the art high-technology private facilities are complemented by the following related healthcare services:

Life Esidimeni (4 171 beds)

Life Esidimeni (meaning ‘place of dignity’), is a fully owned subsidiary of our group which is engaged in the largest and oldest hospital public private partnership with the South African government. Life Esidimeni operates 12 facilities with 4 171 beds. These facilities provide mainly long term care to indigent chronically ill patients, catering for mental health and frail care patients and patients requiring chronic rehabilitation. Life Esidimeni also operates one district hospital providing acute care to indigent patients.

Life Occupational Health (289 on-site clinics)

Life Occupational Health is the country’s leading provider of contracted, on-site occupational and primary healthcare services to large employer groups in commerce, industry and mining, parastatals, as well as to government correctional services facilities in South Africa. The business manages 289 customer owned clinics throughout the country and provides healthcare services ranging from primary and occupational healthcare to hospitalisation, for approximately 155 000 employees. Through its Life Safety Solutions operation, the company also offers personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as training services to its existing clients.

Life College of Learning

More than 1000 students are enrolled at the group’s Life College of Learning, which is accredited as a higher education institution. Our college, which was established in 1998, offers undergraduate and post graduate diplomas. The Life College of Learning is registered as a private higher education institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training. The College has a Continuing Professional Development(CPD) programme to ensure compliance with nursing legislation (Act 33 of 2005) and to promote and sustain competence in the fields of nursing education, management and clinical practice. Life Healthcare views the Life College of Learning both as a responsible social investment in South Africa and as a strategy for addressing our own and the country’s needs for skilled personnel.

Life Healthcare Foundation

The Life Healthcare Foundation was established in 2007. It is managed as a trust, with company and independent trustees. Our foundation provides resources and efforts in the health, wellness and education arenas, reflecting Life Healthcare’s purpose of making life better for all. Most of our group’s corporate social investment is channelled through the foundation. The foundation provides financial sponsorship, as well as hospital and nursing services, and encourages, supporting specialists, suppliers and other organisations with whom it has relationships to partner with the foundation, thereby adding further impetus to its initiatives. It also collaborates closely with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academic institutions and government in uplifting and supporting disadvantaged communities and individuals.

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