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Life Esidimeni (meaning ‘place of dignity’) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Life Healthcare group, and is the largest and oldest hospital public/private partnership in South Africa. It has been engaged in delivering healthcare services to indigent patients, under contract to the national and provincial Departments of Health and Social Development, for over five decades. These services are aligned with national and provincial guidelines.

The company delivers hospital based services in the fields of chronic mental healthcare, frail care, chronic rehabilitation and acute care in five provinces. It offers 2485 beds through its network of 10 facilities, some of which provide dual services.

Life Esidimeni is the leading private sector provider in the field of chronic mental health services to indigent users. In addition to providing clinical treatment and care, Life Esidimeni is developing and phasing in a new approach to chronic, institutional mental healthcare, aligned to the Mental Health Care Act. This approach focuses on mental health rehabilitation through improving the competencies, vocational skills and environmental support for users.

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Health Ombudsman’s report on deaths of mentally ill patients in Gauteng

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Further information could be obtained from Leslene Pukke, on 011 219 9170 or

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