Our clients

Life Occupational Health’s clients span a diverse range of businesses including commerce, industry, mining and prisons.

Mining health services
Life Occupational Health offers a comprehensive service that is fully-integrated and tailored to suit unique mining industry needs. The mining industry has to comply with comprehensive healthcare legislation, as laid down in the Mine Health and Safety Act of 1996, the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, and other health-related legislation. The Mine Health and Safety Act, which became effective on 14 January 1997, compels mines to employ occupational health nursing staff and medical practitioners, and carry out medical surveillance on employees.

Life Mining Healthcare, which forms part of Life Occupational Healthcare, has been established to serve the mining industry with a fully-integrated health service.

Our full package which has been tailored to meet the mining industry’s unique needs, incorporates the following:

  • Rescue and 24 hour emergency services.
  • Primary care and a managed referral system to ensure sufficient secondary care.
  • Full occupational care including health risk management, pre-employment and exit medical examinations, fitness (red ticket) certification, biological monitoring, audiometry and visual screening.
  • Staffing and management of mine-owned hospitals and support services such as radiology, dispensing pharmacy, physiotherapy, dentistry, optometry and spectacle supply.
  • Infectious disease control programme.
  • Health education programmes.
  • First aid training.
  • All the required management, administration and statistical information systems, backed by our sophisticated quality control programmes.

Occupational health correctional services
A joint venture with Faranani Health Solutions was awarded the provision and management of the health services at the maximum security prison in Bloemfontein. With our empowerment partners we have developed a separate division in order to focus on correctional health services.

This joint venture company has also secured the occupational health services provision for Coega, the industrial development zone in Port Elizabeth. The project is an exciting one due to the experience gained from a construction phase development to a fully functional industrial zone.