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A way of life

Life Pasteur Hospital is a member of Life Healthcare, one of the largest private hospital groups in South Africa, operating 63 acute care facilities across the country. The hospital is centrally located in Bloemfontein in the peaceful suburb of Hospital Park.

Life Healthcare is recognised throughout the health industry for its high calibre healthcare professionals and excellent facilities. Life Pasteur Hospital is a specialised healthcare facility dedicated to treating and rehabilitating clients who have become acutely disabled by a stroke, major trauma, brain injury, spinal cord injury or by complex orthopaedic, neurological or medical conditions.

We believe delivery of world class healthcare is achieved through a combination of unparalleled quality and clinical excellence; along with a true focus on the personal needs of our patients and their families.

Every day we subscribe to the core values of the Life Healthcare group, while individually striving to continually improve facilities, standards and technology.

Contact us

Physical address

54 Pasteur Drive
Hospital Park

Postal address

P O Box 8510

Telephone 051 522 6601
Fax 051 522 6654
Map Life Pasteur Hospital


Our management can be contacted through our Hospital`s reception desk or through e-mail.

Position Name
Practice Manager Christina Fourie
Rehabilitation Admission Consultant: Team Leader Elzette Williams
Rehabilitation Admission Consultant Amanda De Jager
Admin Supervisor Engela van Jaarsveld
Therapy Services Coordinator Karen Vosloo
Unit Manager: Nursing Hannetjie Human
Marketing and Communications Manager Hannika Struwig
Finance Admin Manager Charmaine Korff

Our team

At Life Pasteur Hospital we understand that we have a responsibility to meet the expectations of those who are entrusted to our care as well as the expectations of their loved ones.

This realisation enables us to ensure that we focus on an experience of care for everybody who visits or is admitted to one of our hospitals or healthcare facilities.

Life Pasteur Hospital employs a comprehensive team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing coordinated and expert services to patients and their families. The team includes:

  • rehabilitation doctors;
  • nursing staff;
  • physiotherapists;
  • occupational therapists;
  • speech therapists;
  • psychologist; and
  • dietician.
All Life Pasteur Hospital staff participate in on-going quality training `Q to the power of e`. Here we each come to appreciate the importance of quality in delivery of service and to embrace caring principles of empathy, ethics, excellence, energy and empowerment.

Our facilities

Life Pasteur Hospital, which opened in 2001, is one of the largest units in the Life Rehabilitation network.

Everything we do is focused on delivery of high quality treatment and unique standards of care - whether for routine, more serious or extensive procedures.

Life Pasteur Hospital offers:

  • A 47 bed rehabilitation unit.
  • A sub-acute unit for clients needing convalescent care.
  • Fully equipped adult therapy gyms.
  • Therapy areas for practicing daily life skills (such as cooking, bathing and grooming etc.).
  • Tranquil garden.

Life Pasteur Hospital is the only accredited, dedicated acute physical rehabilitation unit in central South Africa.

We provide a quality, outcome driven physical and cognitive rehabilitation service for patients affected by a range of acute disabling conditions. The unit offers interdisciplinary in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation services.

The treatment has a strong focus on functional rehabilitation with the view of maximising the quality of life for our clients and facilitating their reintegration into society.

Rehabilitation programmes are available for patients with the following conditions:

  • Injuries: spinal cord injuries (SCI); traumatic brain injuries (TBI); burns
  • Strokes: cerebrovascular accidents (CVA); sub-dural haemorrhages; sub-arachnoid haemorrhages
  • Neurological disorders: guillain barre (put accent on e) syndrome; multiple sclerosis
  • Neurosurgical conditions: resected tumours; aneurysms
  • Orthopaedic conditions: complicated joint replacements; spinal surgery; amputations
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Specialist facilities

Specialised services offered

  • FES (functional electrical stimulation): uses the application of small electrical charges to trigger muscle contractions. Some of the applications of FES includes managing pain, improving strength of muscles and lifting the foot to improve walking.
  • Vitalstim therapy: this therapy modality uses electrical stimulation to improve swallowing and speech deficits.
  • AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) clinic: the focus of this clinic is to assist clients to communicate using alternative methods when they are unable to speak. Technologically advanced computerised equipment is used to assist with communication where needed.
  • Balance and vestibular clinic: the thera balance is an electrical and hydraulic dynamic standing frame which is used to improve a client’s balance. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is an exercise based programme aimed at reducing the symptoms of dizziness and increasing balance and walking functions.
  • Im-Able: the Im-Able exerciser is a gaming device which is used to improve and re-train upper limb function, balance, memory and concentration.

Patient and visitor information


Clients can be admitted to the rehabilitation unit as soon as they are capable of active participation in a structured rehabilitation programme.

Doctors, case managers, medical aids and family members are all able to refer patients to the unit.

Our admission process can be made much easier for you, if the following simple guidelines are followed.

  • Medical aid patients should check with their medical aid / scheme prior to admission to obtain pre-authorisation, if deemed necessary by the medical aid / scheme.
  • Patients have to present their medical aid card and identity document on admission. Persons under the age of 18 have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • To speed up admission, a pre-admission form is available from the resident doctor`s rooms and the Hospital`s reception, and should be either handed through to the Hospital`s reception or faxed through to us prior to hospitalisation. Please click here to find our contact details.
  • Also refer to the “Tariffs” and “Discharge” sections below, for more information on prepayment and payment procedures.

Rehabilitation admission consultants are available to assist with this admission process and liaise between the referring doctor(s), treating doctor, the family, medical aids and the rehabilitation team.

  • The rehabilitation admissions consultant will conduct a functional and screening assessment of the client, within 24 hours of receipt of the referral.
  • Contact will be made with the family of the patient to inform them of the rehabilitation request and provide them with further information about physical rehabilitation and our facility.
  • A comprehensive assessment report will be sent to the medical aid requesting authorisation for rehabilitation within 24 hours from assessment. The report will also be sent to the referrer.
  • The referrer and family will be informed when an authorisation has been granted by the medical aid.


Private patients will be requested to stay in the ward, after discharge, until their account has been finalised by the administrative staff. After finalisation, patient can settle account at reception desk in the foyer. Medical aid members are free to leave hospital after discharge. Accounts are finalised and sent directly to the medical aid.

Service monitoring

In keeping with our goal to continue providing high quality care; we monitor our service to patients on an ongoing basis. On discharge patients are asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their stay at the hospital. Participation is voluntary, but this will assist the hospital management to address any problems and improve our service to you.

We especially welcome any suggestions our patients may have. If you have any suggestions or comments for us, please contact the practice manager, Christina Fourie at 051 520 1264 or send us an e-mail at


  • Our Hospital charges patients at medical aid / medical scheme rates.
  • A prepayment is required on hospitalisation, from patients not covered by medical aid or a medical scheme.
  • It is recommended that private patients contact the hospital’s accounts department prior to admission to establish the estimated hospital cost.

Visiting hours

We welcome all of our patients` visitors, as we know what a difference the support of close family and friends can make.

In light of this, we also have to be aware of the rest that all of our patients require and we have thus provided for visitors to visit our hospitals only at certain designated times and these are:

  • 11:00 - 12:00
  • 15:00 - 16:00
  • 19:00 - 20:00
Please note that individual wards times might differ. The Rehabilitation Unit visiting hours take place from 16:00-20:00

Further to this, other rules apply with respect to visitors and these are:

  • Visitors are restricted to three per patient at a time. Children are welcome but they must have an adult supervising them.
  • At Life Pasteur Hospital, we take pride in providing you, information that you need in order to make your stay with us a pleasant experience. If there is any further information that you or your family require regarding our Hospital and our services, please feel free to contact us.