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A way of life

Life Fourways Hospital is a member of Life Healthcare, one of the largest private hospital groups in South Africa, operating 63 acute care facilities across the country.

Life Healthcare is recognized throughout the health industry for its high calibre healthcare professionals and excellent facilities.

We believe delivery of world class healthcare is achieved through a combination of unparalleled quality and clinical excellence; along with a true focus on the personal needs of our patients and their families.

Every day we subscribe to the core values of the Life Healthcare group, while individually striving to continually improve facilities, standards and technology.

At Life Fourways Hospital, our priority is to focus on the delivery of a special brand of health and care to patients. Within a world class hospital, this unique approach is what makes the difference and helps us to maintain our position as one of the top hospitals in the country.

Contact us

Physical address Corner Cedar Road and Cedar Avenue West
Postal address Postnet Suite 141,
Private Bag X033,
Telephone 011 875 1000
Fax 011 875 1001
Map Life Fourways Hospital


Position Name
Hospital Manager Carey MacColl
Nursing Services Manager Margaret van Rooyen
Administration Manager Belinda de Meyer
HR Manager Anele Mzaidume
Marketing Manager Tanya Jenneker
Services Manager Wilhelm de Villiers
Quality & Safety Support Specialist Carin Ferreira
Infection Prevention Specialist Mishaan Daniel
Pharmacy Manager Chido Chauke
Nursing Standards Manager Likhwa Tshuma
Patient Services Manager Thea van Reenen

Our team

At Life Fourways Hospital we understand that we have a responsibility to meet the expectations of those who are entrusted to our care as well as the expectations of their loved ones.

This realization enables us to ensure that we focus on an experience of care for everybody who is admitted to, or visits our hospital.

All Life Fourways Hospital staff participate in ongoing quality training, ‘Q to the power of e’. Here we each come to appreciate the importance of quality in delivery of service and to embrace caring principles of empathy, ethics, excellence, energy and empowerment.

Ongoing patient satisfaction surveys are conducted to ensure that we achieve the high standards of health and care we set out to deliver.

The care that is delivered at Life Fourways Hospital extends into the community.

Our employees at all levels will actively participate in community initiatives to improve the quality of life in surrounding areas.

Our facilities

Everything we do is focused on delivery of high quality treatment and unique standards of care – whether for routine, more serious or extensive procedures.

  • A 24 hour trauma and emergency unit
  • A 194 bed hospital with 10 theatres
  • A state of the art vascular laboratory.
  • A 26 bed intensive care unit, for patients recovering from major surgery or illness.
  • A 8 bed high care unit.
  • A 18 bed paediatric unit.
  • A 16 bed maternity unit
  • A two bed paediatric ICU.
  • A five bed neonatal ICU.
  • 57 surgical beds.
  • A radiology unit, with a comprehensive range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment. This facility includes a 64 slice CT scanner, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, mammography and bone density services.
  • A 24 hour pathology hot laboratory.
  • A pharmacy (Open from 09h00 - 22h00 every day)
  • A Life Support Unit

Medical and surgical disciplines

  • Anaesthesiology
  • Breast Health
  • Cardiology
  • Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Maxillo-Facial Surgery
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics Surgery
  • Paediatrics
  • Pathology
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Urology
  • Vascular Surgery

Centres of specialisation

  • Trauma and Emergency unit
  • Endovascular unit
  • Little Life Maternity unit
  • Kidney unit
  • Breast Health unit

Ancillary facilities and services

  • Audiology
  • Mother and Baby Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Psychology
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Wound Clinic

Specialist facilities

Life Support Unit
Life Fourways Hospital possesses a Life Support Unit – a free medical emergency response service to the Fourways and surrounding communities. The hospital has a dedicated vehicle equipped with vital life support equipment, staffed by advanced life support trained paramedics, who are able to respond to medical emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All a resident has to do is call 0860 444 044 and a paramedic will be dispatched to attend to the situation.

It is to be noted that International SOS receives all calls and should the paramedic already be attending another incident, another service provider will be dispatched to attend the situation.

Cardiac Unit
This Unit is supported by adult cardiologists, a paediatric cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeons and has been developed to serve the Fourways and surrounding communities as well as international communities.

The doctors working within this facility are known for their capabilities in cardiac procedures and are also respected academics. The nursing personnel in all areas of this Unit are have specific expertise in caring for patients with cardiac and related conditions.

Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory
This is a specialized laboratory with x-ray capabilities, which evaluates coronaries, heart muscle and valves to determine abnormalities which can be treated and corrected or referred to a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Dedicated Cardiac Theatre for Cardiac Surgery
This theatre will be used for open heart procedures such as CABG, etc. The cardiothoracic surgeon will be supported by a specialized team of anaesthetists, perfusionists, cardiologists and trained nursing staff.

Trauma and Emergency Unit
This state of the art unit provides for all your emergency medical requirements ranging from minor illnesses to major trauma, affording you first class medical care supported by multidisciplinary specialist services and facilities. This Unit is a 24 hour facility and is open seven days week.

The Unit’s facilities include the following:

Five resuscitation bays enable attendance of all critically ill or injured patients. Each bay is equipped to manage specific patient profiles, including trauma, medical and paediatric patients.

Consultation Rooms
The consultation area provides for patients requiring an unscheduled consult with the emergency physician on duty. There are five standard examination cubicles, with a dedicated paediatric room designed for the comfort of the little adult.

Procedure Facility
The two bedded procedure facility provides a well lit aseptic environment to attend to lacerations and small surgical cases.

Casting Area
This private area provides for the splinting and immobilization of musculoskeletal injuries, including fiberglass casting and specialized orthopaedic adjuncts.

There is a restricted counselling area for victims and their family. Confidential pre- and post- HIV counselling is also available on site.

Hazmat Shower
An area designated to treat victims of chemical burns as a result of hazardous materials.

Supportive Services

  • After hours pharmacy service.
  • 24 hour pathology on site for blood tests
  • 24 hour radiology for diagnostic x-rays, CT scans and MRI, with x-ray facilities in resuscitation area.
  • Medical support provided by specialists and surgeons across all disciplines.
  • A streamlined admission process from trauma and emergency to the appropriate general ward or intensive care environment,
  • Access to 10 theatres, a cardiac catheterization laboratory and integrated vascular theatre.

Fees And Payments
Medical aid patients accounts will be submitted to the medical aid scheme subject to funds being available in their medical savings account (day to day benefits), for the services of the medical practitioners as well as hospital facility fee. All additional charges will be submitted directly to the medical aid by the hospital.

Private patients (patients without medical cover) will be required to pay a fee on admission, which will include the doctor’s consultation fee and basic medication. Should a procedure be required or where stock maybe used, a further deposit may be required.

Payment may be made in cash or credit card. All patients will be asked for their identity document or passport and a valid medical aid card.

Maternity Unit
The Unit offers the following facilities from pre-term to adolescence.

  • Sixteen Bed Maternity ward
  • Five Bed Neonatal ICU
  • Two Bed Paediatric ICU
  • Eighteen bed paediatric ward

Our Programme
Our services to parents commence long before the birth of your baby – we offer a very special programme commencing with an orientation to the Unit. The orientation is open to both mums and dads and focuses on the following areas.

  • An introduction to both administrative and nursing personnel.
  • Identification and explanation of specific facilities.
  • Information for preparation of patients to the hospital.
  • Explanation of pre-admission and discharge processes
  • Services provided by external suppliers including birth registration, photography
  • Information on eye testing procedures in Neonatal ICU for premature infants as well as hearing tests.

The Little Life program will provide a holistic approach to your precious gift of life, including free first immunization before leaving the hospital, a dedicated Mother and Baby Clinic offering baby weighing, specific immunizations, development assessments, feeding support, post natal clinics and several other professional services.

Our 16 bedded maternity unit is modern and well equipped and receives the full support of our specialists and staff, who are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive, quality driven service.

Accommodation is offered in private and semi-private rooms, however there is no guarantee in booking a private facility. In addition, the labour ward possesses dedicated spa baths, aiding mums with pain control and offering comfort.

There is also a five bed neonatal intensive care unit for premature or full term babies who may need specialized care. as well as a two bed paediatric intensive care unit.

These units are staffed by highly skilled individuals who will provide you with a quality, loving service, in a fully secured area, with access control.

Paediatric Unit
Our paediatric unit offers you the best care for your sick child and for you as a family. We strive to make it a home away from home experience.

Dedicated Team
The team at the unit consists of well trained and experienced nurses, dedicated paediatricians and other specialists and healthcare professionals. The unit offers treatment and nursing care for all general illnesses, and also provides the service of many specialists such as orthopaedic, general and plastic surgeons as well as ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialists.

The environment in our paediatric unit is cheerfully decorated and equipped to cater for the special needs of our sick little children. The unit has a beautiful play room and play leader to keep our young patients occupied. Research has shown that this will speed up recovery and minimize the stress related to hospitalization.

One family member or carer is welcome to stay with the child at all times and facilities for this are available. Details are available on request.

Visiting Hours
Morning: 11h00 - 12h00, afternoon: 15h00 - 16h00, evening: 19h30 - 20h30. Parents unrestricted visiting from 06h00 - 22h00.

Child Safety
For the safety of your child, the unit has an access controlled entrance. Please use the door bell to gain entrance to the unit.

Please provide personal toiletries and clothing for your child. All visitors must wash their hands before and after visiting to prevent the spread of germs.

Diets are available according to the age and needs of the child. There are special children’s menus to encourage eating as it is essential for recovery from illness. Due to the many different formula feeds available, we only supply a few well known brands. Please check with the hospital which formulas are available, otherwise you will need to bring your own formula.

Supporting Services
Intensive care unit, Maternity Unit, Well baby Clinic (for required immunization programme), paediatricians with full time rooms at the hospital, radiology unit, pathology laboratories, dietician, audiologist, coffee shop.

Kidney Unit/Dialysis Unit

The Unit provides a dialysis service to patients suffering from either chronic or acute kidney failure.

The modern new unit incorporates the latest technological advancements in renal treatment through its state of the art equipment, offering pre-dialysis, central dialysis and pre-transplant co-ordination services.

The unit, with an interdisciplinary clinical management team, offers two primary types of haemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) as well as haemofiltration and continuous dialysis for acute renal failure patients in the intensive care setting.

Haemodialysis services offered by the unit also caters for patients with end stage renal failure, in patients with other medical conditions, patients requiring special treatments such as ultrafiltration, blood transfusions and iron infusions; critically ill patients located in wards other than in the dialysis unit, plasma exchange for patients with auto-immune disorders and an on-call service after hours for patients needing emergency acute haemodialysis.

Breast Health Unit

The Unit is a network of medical facilities and specialists dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to the management of both benign and malignant breast conditions. The Unit is committed to providing interventions to counter breast cancer and also provide for a better quality of life to those affected by the disease. The Breast health Unit consists of the following specialists and facilities:

Name Speciality Contact Number
Dr Johan Moller Gynaecologist 011 875 1610
Dr Corne Brink Gynaecologist 011 875 1620
Dr Casandra Pillay Gynaecologist 011 875 1600
Dr Abigail Lukhaimane Gynaecologist 011 875 1687
Dr Kofi Kwaw-Asante Gynaecologist 011 875 1630
Drs van Rensburg and Partners Radiology 011 875 1010
Dr Nicola Grabowski General Surgeon 011 875 1530
Dr Mark José General Surgeon 011 875 1530
Dr Konrad Teichert General Surgeon 011 462 0373
Dr Karol Kozaczynski General Surgeon 011 875 1880
Dr Deon Weyers Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon 011 875 1694
Dr Sudeshen Naidoo Radiation Oncologist 011 875 1870
Maryna Edwards Psychologist 011 875 1890

Supporting doctors

The doctors listed below are private practitioners. Please enquire about their rates directly with the practice.

Name Contact number

Audiology & speech therapy
Mrs J Schnugh 011 875 1750
Ms B Harris 011 875 1750

Cardio-thoracic surgeon(s)
Dr G Dragne 011 875 1820

Dr A Dalby 011 875 1920
Dr A Yip 011 875 1760
Dr S Bedhesi 011 875 1790

Dr E Von Varendorff 011 875 1870
Dr M Jameson 011 875 1720
Dr M Rouhani 011 875 1870

Ear, nose & throat surgeon(s)
Dr M Gill 011 875 1757
Dr S Motakef 011 875 1900

Dr S Ruder 011 875 1940

General surgeon(s)
Dr K Kozaczynski 011 875 1880
Dr K Teichert 011 462 0373
Dr M José 011 875 1530
Dr N Grabowski 011 875 1530

Dr A Lukhaimane 011 875 1687
Dr C Brink 011 875 1620
Dr C Pillay 011 875 1600
Dr J Moller 011 875 1610
Dr K Kwaw-Asante 011 875 1630

Maxillofacial and oral surgeon(s)
Dr E Nokaneng 011 875 1800
Dr V José-Bryant 011 875 1710

Dr R de Zeeuw 011 875 1870

Dr K Jivan 011 875 1890
Dr K Ranchod 011 875 1890

Dr A Kolloori 011 875 1730
Dr A Maharaj 011 875 1730

Dr D Neu-Ner 011 875 1866
Dr V Djordjevic 011 875 1870

Orthopaedic surgeon(s)
Dr H Papagapiou 011 875 1930
Dr J Preddy 011 875 1680
Dr JN Cakic 011 875 1780
Dr L Mokete 011 875 1855
Dr N Botoulas 011 875 1706
Dr P Kana 011 875 1700
Dr R Bhaga 011 875 1700

Paediatric surgeon(s)
Dr A Theron 011 875 1870

Dr A Ahmed 011 875 1840
Dr D Buitendag 011 875 1666
Dr N Padayachee-Govender 011 875 1854

Dr A Nkosi 011 875 1660
Dr L Moja 011 875 1950
Dr L Spoolder 011 875 1830

Plastic surgeon(s)
Dr D Weyers 011 875 1694
DR V Medapati 011 875 1970

Cheylee Smith 011 875 1910

Dr N Khamker 011 875 1890
Dr N Moola 011 875 1890

Mr Nico Brink 011 875 1627
Ms M Edwards 011 875 1890

Dr M Chohan 011 875 1806

Radiation oncologist(s)
Dr S Naidoo 011 875 1870

Dr B Miceli 011 875 1870
Dr B Wood 011 875 1640
Dr E Apostoleris 011 875 1766

Vascular surgeon(s)
Dr P P Mistry 011 875 1770

Patient and visitor information


Accommodation at our hospital is extensive and includes:

  • Day beds
  • Private beds
  • Semi-private beds
  • High Care beds
  • ICU beds

We also offer plasma screen TVs in all our wards. If any patient requires earphones, these can be purchased at reception for a nominal fee. Private wards are all en-suite, with telephones in each room. An a la carte menu is available.


To assist in ensuring a speedy, smooth and efficient admission process, we would like to kindly request consideration of the following guidelines.

  • Medical aid patients should check with their medical aid/scheme prior to admission to obtain pre-authorisation.
  • Patients have to present their medical aid card and identity document on admission. Persons under the age of 18 have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • A pre-admission form is available from the resident doctor’s rooms and the hospital’s reception, and should be handed through to the hospital’s reception or faxed through to the clinic prior to admission.
  • Also refer to the “Tariffs” and “Discharge” sections below for more information on prepayment and payment procedures.

Mothers or fathers whose children are admitted are welcome to stay at their bedsides at all times. Sleeping facilities are provided for one parent.

Customer Service Advisor

Our customer service advisor (Kim Cruz) serves as a link between the hospital, patients, doctors and staff. Should you need any assistance, she can be contacted through the reception desk (011 875 1000). If you are from out of town, the customer service advisor or head of reception can provide you with a list of accommodation near the hospital for family members.


Day patients undergoing surgery under anaesthetic should arrange for transport from hospital – it is illegal to drive for 24 hours following an anaesthetic.

All private patients (This refers to patients who are not covered by medical aid) will be expected to initially pay a deposit on admission and settle any balances outstanding on discharge.

Service Monitoring

In keeping with our goal to continue providing high quality care, we monitor our service to patients on an ongoing basis. Participation is voluntary, but it does assist management in addressing any problems and improving our service. We especially welcome any suggestions you may have.


Life Fourways Hospital charges medical aid rates. Patients requesting a private room will be required to pay a surcharge. A deposit will be required from private patients on admission. Private patients can contact our accounts department for more information.

Visiting Hours

We welcome all of our patients’ visitors, as we know what a difference the support of close family and friends can make. In light of this, we also have to be aware of the rest that all of our patients require and we have thus provided for visitors to visit our hospitals only at certain designated times and these are:

  • 11h00-11h30 (excluding maternity)
  • 15h00-16h00
  • 19h30-20h30

Further to this, other rules apply with respect to visitors and these are:

  • Visitors are restricted to two per patient at a time. Children are welcome but they must have an adult supervising them
  • In the Intensive Care Unit, we only allow two family members per patient and children under 12 years of age are not permitted in Unit.
  • In the High Care wards, two visitors per patient are allowed.
  • In the Maternity Unit, fathers and grandparents may visit between 08h00 and 20h00 but other visitors must adhere to normal visiting hours between 3pm to 4pm or 7pm to 8pm. Siblings may visit from 15h00-16h00.
  • In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit visiting times are as follows:
    • Parents, 08h30 - 22h00 (no visitors permitted in the unit between 18h30 - 19h30)
    • Grandparents, 15h00 - 16h00