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A way of life

Life Poortview is a dedicated mental healthcare facility specialising in the treatment of psychiatric disorders, including substance dependence or other addictions that are associated with these disorders.

Our treatment programmes, facilitated by our multidisciplinary team, have been developed to achieve optimal outcomes through the short term treatment of mental healthcare users in a tranquil and therapeutic environment conducive to their recovery.

By delivering clinical excellence in world class facilities as well as through our dedication to well-being and quality of life, we aim to make a difference in the lives of those entrusted to our care. Through a true focus on the personal needs of the mental healthcare users making use of our facility as well as their families – we live up to our purpose of making life better.

Contact us

Physical address

18 Malcolm Road

GPS Coordinates :
Sout -26.08954 East 27.85167
(Decimal Degrees)

Postal address

P O Box 779
Ruimsig 1732

Telephone 087 352 2100
Fax 086 680 9893
Map Life Poortview


Our management can be contacted through Life Poortview’s reception desk on 011 952 3000

Position Name
Hospital Manager Nerine Adams
Finance and Admin Manager Reinart Claassen
Nursing Manager Marisa Roets
Marketing Co-ordinator
Senior Pharmacist Amanda van Wyk
Unit Manager – Ward 1 Anita Human
Social Worker Berinise Ekwelibe
Hospital secretary Tendai Ncube
Unit Manager – Ward 2 Erna Church
Unit Manager - Ward 3 & 4 Elton Mudeli
Quality Manager Christelle Maree
Patient Services Manager Ronelle Bezuidenhout

Our team

Our multidisciplinary team of medical, therapy and nursing professionals involved in the treatment and care of users of the mental health services offered at Life Poortview, is reflective of our holistic approach to mental healthcare. Working closely together, the aim of the team is to achieve optimal outcomes for users. The composition of the multidisciplinary team is tailored to the needs of each specific user.

The team includes the following healthcare professionals:

  • Psychiatrists.
  • A general practitioner.
  • Psychologists.
  • Occupational therapists.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Social workers.
  • Mental health nursing practitioners.
  • Dietician.

Our support services team consisting of administrative personnel and support staff delivering ancillary services are focused on delivering an experience of care for all who are admitted to our facility. Staff participates in ongoing quality training and continually focuses on the importance of quality in delivery of services – embracing the caring principles of empathy, ethics, excellence, energy and empowerment.

Support groups on a Monday evening are for wellness groups(please contact your therapist for a time)

  • Tuesday 07h00 - 08H00pm
  • Thursday 06h00 - 07h00pm

Our facilities

The modern 80 bed Life Poortview facility has been specifically designed and decorated to foster a sense of peace and tranquillity to assist users in their recovery.

The facility houses the following:

  • Semi-private rooms accommodating 30 voluntary admitted female users and 30 voluntary admitted male users.
  • A 15 bed ward for assisted admissions.
  • A five bed secured ward with observation facility.
  • An electro-convulsive therapy facility.
  • Individual and group therapy rooms.
  • Lounges, TV and family visitation rooms.
  • Dining rooms with catering services.
  • Private courtyards and gardens.
  • Recreational facility.
  • Single observation room - please note, this is not available as private room strictly for patient observation

Treatment programmes

Psychiatric disorders

Treatment programmes for psychiatric disorders are based on cognitive-behavioural principles, and are designed to provide comprehensive and holistic treatment in order to facilitate recovery in people affected by:

  • mood and anxiety disorders (i.e. depression, phobias, post traumatic stress and panic disorders);
  • personality disorders (i.e. avoidance and dependence disorders); or
  • psychotic disorders (i.e. schizophrenia and delusional disorders).

The primary objective is to mobilise internal and external resources in the promotion, restoration and maintenance of mental health – thereby helping the user to reach an optimal level of functioning as a valued person.

Based on an assessment of the individual user, specific therapeutic modalities which will be beneficial to that specific user are selected. Other concomitant medical and psychiatric conditions are also attended to. Treatment regimes, supported by 24 hour specialised nursing care, can include any of the following:

  • Individual psychological assessment and psychotherapy.
  • Individual, group and family therapy.
  • Electro-convulsive therapy (if indicated).
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Stress management programmes.

Addiction treatment

Our mental healthcare programmes also include a treatment programme to assist users whose functioning has become further impaired either as a result of their dependency on psychoactive substances or any other addiction associated with their mental disorder.

This intervention programme is aimed at breaking the cycle of addiction through detoxifying the user whilst implementing an intensive cognitive behavioural psychotherapy programme. The primary goal is to interrupt the cycle of addiction and to foster maintenance of abstinence. This programme, supported by 24 hour specialised nursing care, includes the following:

  • Medical treatment.
  • Occupational (group and individual) psychotherapy.
  • Facilitating family support.
  • Group and individual psychotherapy.

Our programme strongly focuses on the improvement of the individual’s:

  • physical functioning;
  • self-esteem;
  • self-image;
  • interpersonal relationships;
  • positive family interaction; and
  • vocational productivity.

Mental healthcare users will also be assisted to develop realistic life goals and a healthy lifestyle in the absence of substance dependence or other addictive behaviour.

Supporting doctors

The doctors listed below are private practitioners. Please enquire about their rates directly with the practice.

Name Contact number

A van Huyssteen 082 452 7347

S Maharaj 083 656 7350

Occupational therapist(s)
H Jonas 072 513 9876

Dr Mashile 011 665 2241
Dr A Kalaba 011 795 1129
Dr C Magnus 011 958 0019 /0275
Dr C van Wyk 011 679 4095
Dr G Brink 011 476 6410
Dr J Kahler 011 954 5150
Dr M. Dzimwasha 011 665 2241
Dr M. Matjila 011 954 6219
Dr M. Molokomme 011 954 6219
Dr M. Talatala 011 938 2835

Andries Combrinck 071 599 3546
Christopher Holt 082 821 4716
Edrich Smook 082 341 8010
Erica Erasmus 082 462 4967
Fantine Nel 011 763 6884
Hlezephi Sibisi 079 755 5203
Lida Tait 082 372 8057
Marelize Devantier 011 958 1059
Mariaan Odendaal 011 675 1524
Phil van den Bergh 082 890 4293
Sandra Erasmus 0828581243
Sasha Kotton 082 309 0794
Werner Teichert 082 443 6406

Patient and visitor information

At Life Poortview we would like to make sure that your stay with us is as hassle-free as possible. Below we have outlined information so that you know what to expect when being admitted to our facility. Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to make contact with us (Click here for our contact details). Further rules and procedures will be explained upon admission.

Admission and finances

Admission procedures

Only psychiatrists with admitting rights to Life Poortview may admit a person to the facility. Persons who voluntarily seek professional mental healthcare assistance will therefore need to consult one of Life Poortview’s admitting psychiatrists (Click here for their contact details). The psychiatrist will determine whether admission is necessary and, if so, facilitate the admission process.

Your psychiatrist, psychologist, general practitioner or other healthcare professional can refer you to one of the admitting psychiatrists, or you could make an appointment with one of them.

In order to make your admission as speedy and hassle-free as possible, please take note of the following:

If you are a member of a medical scheme that requires pre-authorisation, you would need to supply them with the following:

  • The name and practice number of your psychiatrist.
  • Your diagnosis code.
  • The name (Life Poortview) and practice number of the facility.

The following will be required on your admission:

  • Your identity document.
  • Your medical scheme membership card.
  • The pre-authorisation number from your medical scheme.

Please ensure that you have all the necessary documentation with you upon your arrival at Life Poortview. The admission consultant at the main reception desk will assist you with the admission process.

For situations where a family member, spouse or caregiver believes that a person needs to be admitted, but the person is not able or willing to consent – there is a special admission procedure that needs to be followed.

For more information and the processes relating to this type of admission, please contact one of the Life Poortview admitting psychiatrists.

In case of an after hour emergency, please contact the 24 hour trauma and emergency unit at Life Flora Hospital (tel. 011 470 7720) or the accident and emergency unit at Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital (tel. 011 796 6519) for assistance.


Mental Healthcare users covered by a medical scheme should note that whilst every effort is made to obtain payment from your medical scheme on your behalf, the responsibility for the payment of services rendered still remains with the guarantor. Any costs not covered by your medical scheme will have to be settled upon discharge. If you are unsure of any financial matter, please speak to one of our case managers in person or by telephone at 010 003 0930 for assistance.

Mental Healthcare users who aren’t covered by a medical scheme will be required to pay a deposit based on the estimated total of the costs for their stay at our facility. The balance needs to be settled on discharge. Credit cards, cash or bank guaranteed cheques are accepted. Please note that services provided by the psychiatrists, other medical practitioners and healthcare professionals are not included in the facility account and will be charged separately.

What to bring

At Life Poortview both indoor and outdoor spaces are available for your use. Therefore, bring casual, comfortable clothes for the length of your stay as well as comfortable shoes. Please bring your own toiletries and towels as well as appropriate sleepwear as you may be sharing a room.

Current medication (including any food and vitamin supplements) in original containers must be brought with you. Medication must be handed to the mental healthcare nursing practitioner in charge, upon admission. Personal laundry services are not provided. Please make arrangements for clean clothes with your family.

Please do not bring

Please do not bring valuables such as jewellery and large sums of money with you. There are small safes available in the rooms for the safekeeping of items such as ipods. Whilst every effort is made to protect patients belongings, we cannot be held responsible for any loss that might occur. It remains your responsibility to take care of your personal belongings.

Please refrain from bringing all electronic gadgets as they will be kept by the UM anyway. This also ensures complete safety of your belongings.


Good nutrition is an important part of our care. Meals and beverages are served in the dining room. Please note that visitors are not allowed during meal times. Hot and cold beverages are served with meals. A coffee shop with basic supplies (snacks and soft drinks) is available on the premises. Cash only, no card facility in tuckshop.

Visiting hours
Visiting hours are on Wednesdays from 16h00 to 20h00 and from 13h00 to 17h00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please note that mental healthcare users are only allowed two visitors at a time. Depending on treatment needs, visitation privileges may be revoked at any time, for the safety and well-being of the patient.

Visitors are requested to adhere to the rules and regulations of the facility, which will be explained by the admission staff. No visitation is allowed in the rooms. General areas such as the TV rooms, family visitation rooms, lounges in the reception area and the garden can be used. For security reasons all users and their families/friends will be screened and searched as required, to prevent any illegal substances or items being brought onto the premises. This is for your and our patients safety.

Service monitoring
Your feedback with regard to our facilities and services are important to us and we welcome any suggestions, concerns, comments and compliments. We encourage you to make use of the hand-held feedback system (Q-evaluator) and the comment cards provided (for more detailed comment). Our unit managers will also make regular rounds and as your comfort and care are important to us, we encourage you to speak freely to them should you experience any inconvenience whatsoever.

Should you wish to email us any compliments or complaints, kindly do so to glynis.krebser@lifehealthcare

Safety, security and general rules

General checking of possessions
Although we respect your privacy, there are circumstances required by law, where you will be requested to submit your possessions for a routine search in order to ensure that no illegal substances or harmful items are brought onto the premises.

Leaving the facility
Your attending psychiatrist will discuss your length of stay with you. This facility is a short stay unit and therefore weekend leave does not form part of the treatment programme. You are not allowed to leave the facility without prior discussion and arrangement with your attending psychiatrist. Non-compliance will result in immediate discharge from the unit.

All medication, including over the counter medication, must be declared on admission to the mental healthcare nursing practitioner in charge. Medication may only be administered by the healthcare practitioners. No self-medication will be permitted unless so instructed by your psychiatrist or medical doctor. Users are not allowed to keep any medication, including homeopathic or herbal medication, in their lockers.

To ensure commitment to our programmes, mental healthcare users will not be allowed to make use of their cellphones for calls or access internet or social media sites during therapy hours.

Electronic equipment
In the interest of your fellow users – personal radios, CD players, ipods and MP3s are not allowed anywhere unless used with headphones. Please note that in certain instances your attending psychiatrist, medical, healthcare or nursing practitioners may restrict or prohibit you from using these items.

Life Poortview is a non-smoking area and as such smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas. Please note that no cigarettes will be sold at the coffee shop available on the premises.

Further facility and conduct rules pertaining to your stay will be explained to you on admission.

No Hubbly Bubbly is allowed on the premises

No E-Cigarettes is allowed on the premises

For more information and facilities listings of the mental healthcare services offered by Life Healthcare – please visit the dedicated mental healthcare services section listed under hospitals on the Life Healthcare website