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Physical address 82 Mazisi Kunene (South Ridge Road),
Postal address P O Box 2230,
Telephone 031 204 1470
Fax 031 204 1471

At the Life St Joseph's Hospital drug and alcohol rehabiliation facility, our focus is on the complete wellbeing of our clients. This stand-alone unit is staffed by a team of highly trained and experienced health professionals.

Monitoring our clients’ views on all aspects of our service keeps us up to date with their needs and enables us to provide them with the best possible service at all times.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation services

Our specialised services include the following:

  • Alcohol rehabilitation
  • Drug rehabilitation
  • Depression management programmes
  • Initial detoxification programme
  • Personality, anxiety and eating disorders programmes
  • Stress management programmes
  • Support groups
  • Treatment of acute mental health conditions
  • Weekly group therapy programme, incorporating basic life skills training where clients are assisted with information and skills on dealing with real life issues in a safe environment

Supporting doctors

Educational psychologist(s)
B Talbot 031 261 1461
Epilepsy laboratory
C Böttcher 031 204 1490
Dr MS Salduker 031 261 1325
Dr T Govender 031 261 1325
Dr V Agambaram 031 261 9120
Prof L Schlebusch 031 261 4293
Neuro psychologist(s)
Dr A Watt 031 261 8288