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Quality and Clinical Excellence

The vision of Life Healthcare is to be a world class provider of quality healthcare for all, and as such quality is seen to form one of our four strategic pillars – that being to deliver market leading quality care across all our facilities. Quality is one of our deeply rooted core values and will remain a key business strategy now and into the future.

Our approach to quality combines the concept of excellence in clinical care and service delivery at all levels, whilst retaining the model of patient centeredness and personal care. This balanced approach to quality is entrenched throughout the Group, overseen by an established clinical governance framework. This ensures that we maintain our focus on clinical excellence (iQ), i.e. world class clinical care as well as patient experience (Qe), i.e. addressing the needs of patients and their families holistically. At Life Healthcare patient care is, and will remain, at the heart of quality.

Life Healthcare firmly believes in:
Life: Superior patient experience
Health: Clinical excellence
Care: Quality service delivery

Our quality policy clearly states our commitment